how to retire to italy

How to Retire to Italy: What You Need to Know

This year, Forbes Magazine rated Le Marche as one of the top places to spend retirement. Read below about how we recently helped a group of house-hunters from all over the world explore Le Marche and gather the facts on how to retire to Italy.

We’ve been restoring historical buildings for over 20 years, with the last 4 centred on Italian homes. After buying and restoring our own house in one of Le Marche’s hilltop towns, we realised how complex the Italian buying process can sometimes be, with rules that constantly change. Our clients would often ask us for tax and legal advice that would, more often than not, be questions that were difficult for us to answer. 

Anyone who has researched the facts on how to retire to Italy online will agree that the information available is conflicting, depending on where you look. As you dig deeper, it gets even more confusing. 



Spend five days in Le Marche, view homes for sale, meet our property lawyer, real estate agents, fellow expats who made the move and gain all the advice you need to do the same.

Our “Move to Italy Experience” and “House Hunting Holidays” are guaranteed to arm you with the facts, while enjoying an Italian break at the same time.

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    how to retire to Italy


    How to Retire to Italy

    Questions we have often found difficult to answer include:
    How can a real estate agent look after our interests if they earn commission from both the seller and buyer?

    I am an EU citizen but my husband is not, will he need a visa to spend time in Italy?

    We are Americans wishing to someday retire to Italy – will our US pensions be taxed there?

    I have heard that if I retire to Italy I have to pay tax on my foreign earnings or income – is this true?

    There are plenty of horror stories online about people being ripped off by tradesman and builders, how can we avoid this happening to us?

    This is the reason that we decided to bring serious house-hunters to Italy, to see what’s available on the property market, and to meet the experts themselves. Good old fashioned, face to face advice, tailored to each person.

    The facts about retirement in Italy

    Our first ever Move to Italy Experience took place in March, in a 17th century restored farmhouse deep within the hills of Le Marche, surrounded by Italian scenery and heritage that the country is famed for. It SOLD OUT within days.



    Our house-hunters met an expert property lawyer and our trusted real estate agents, along with fellow expatriates who made the move to Italy and who shared their stories and advice. They listened to a presentation from our structural engineer and viewed numerous houses for sale. Each evening they dined on organic Italian food and wine and even learned how to make pasta! 

    We kept the group to a limit of ten people in order to give everyone the chance to have all their questions answered, and showed our guests a variety of homes for sale that suited their budgets. There were ruins that needed restoring, tall, ancient townhouses, classic country houses with pools… 15 houses were viewed in total. 

    House hunting in Italy

    The group came from far and wide and were all approaching retirement. They bonded beautifully, each one connected in their dream of moving to Italy one day. The Doctor’s from Belgium had fallen in love with a country villa they had stayed in 5 years ago. Since then they had dared to dream about spending their retirement in Le Marche.

    The American couple were downsizing and although were finding the thought of selling the family home upsetting, were ready to spend the money on a home in Italy to begin their next chapter.

    The lady from the UK had spent much of her life travelling and was now looking for a place to call ‘home’… the stories were endless and insightful. We enjoyed talking about their plans over dinner in the farmhouse’s rustic dining room each night, decorated with fresh flowers, candles, and a traditional red and white checked tablecloth. 

    At the end of the week we felt as though we were saying goodbye to friends, but were content to know that each person would go home with a list of trustworthy contacts who would assist them when the time to buy is right for them.

    We were confident that they would take with them a new insight into what type of Italian home their budget would fetch them, a USB drive containing all the information they had learned, and hopefully plenty of great memories to treasure of the week they had spent house-hunting with us in Italy. 




    See what some of our guests had to say about their time on our Move to Italy Experience. 

    D&G Design’s next Move to Italy Experience: Five Days in Le Marche, runs each year. Register your interest for full details of our next event below.