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About Gary – Interior Designer

UK born Interior Designer Gary has enjoyed designing schemes for private clients in the UK, as well as staging homes for sale.

“I see the most important part of my job as getting to know my client’s tastes and styles, we all have them, whether we know it or not. It’s about drawing them out and combining them with my own knowledge of what works in a scheme.”

gary d&g design
Gary at one of Le Marche's antiques markets

Seeing Le Marche with a foreigner’s eyes, when Gary renovated the home he bought with David in 2016, it was obvious to him that the duo’s combined skills could be put to good use in helping others buy and restore their own vacation home in the region.

“We were lucky that we were able to renovate our house ourselves,” Gary says, “but with so much red tape, builders who sometimes no-show, and the occasional earthquake, I wondered how on earth all of this could have been managed had we have not been on site all of the time.”

about Gary D&G Design
One of Gary's bathroom designs featuring Italian products

D&G Design’s clients don’t have to worry, as the pair become their eyes and ears, overseeing the entire project from conception through to completion.

“Just as with our work in the UK, managing the project and communicating with our clients goes hand in hand with using our own skills in delivering the final result.”

After graduating from the British Academy of Interior Design in 2015, Gary was drawn to the numerous Italian artisans that reside in Le Marche, some world famous, and others who work from tiny workshops in the region’s narrow cobbled streets.

about Gary d&g design
Gary samples some Italian bathroom fixtures

“There is an abundance of local talent here, from furniture designers, ceramicists, flooring specialists and painters. Look up at any balcony, and even in the shabbiest of buildings you will see carefully colour co-ordinated plants and flowers that line them. Italian’s have design in their blood.”

Gary lists choosing schemes for his client’s vacation homes as one of his job highlights, and loves to source one of a kind pieces from the region’s antique shops and markets, as well as utilising contemporary furniture designers and lighting specialists. 

about gary d&g design
Gary with some attendees at D&G's Move to Italy Experience

With a passion for problem solving and planning, Gary saw a need to both promote the region and the abundance of low priced homes to overseas clients, so put together D&G Design’s Move to Italy Experiences with David – yearly retreats that offer visitors the chance to discover life in Le Marche, as well as view homes for sale and bring together a team of experts who can make their dream of living la dolce vita a reality.

“The workshops bring out the tour leader in me” says Gary, who managed tours in Greece in his 20’s. “Last year we had attendees from all over the world, each at the beginning of their journey to buying a home in Italy. To have them spend a few days with us and meet our team of experts and go home armed with everything they need to know cuts out the hours of frustrating internet research that many people endure.”

about gary d&g design
Gary at a summer festival in Le Marche

With features published in A Place in the Sun Magazine and a regular contributor to The Local Italy, Gary has also published a book about his and David’s own Italian renovation project. 

As well as co-founding a non-profit with David, Authentic Marche, which aims to support local artisans through crafted design tours, Gary also lends his time to Design Havens for Heroes, a charity that creates sacred spaces for key workers and healthcare staff during the ongoing global pandemic.

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