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Why We Love These Italian Artisans

With so many skilled Italian artisans we are spoilt for choice in Le Marche. As an interior designer, there is no better place to live and discover the many talented designers in Italy. Italian workmanship is renowned the world over for being at the top of the game in terms of design and quality, and it is no surprise that many of us sway towards the “Made in Italy” seal of approval when shopping for home furnishings, clothing, shoes, bags and food.

Aside from the world famous designer brands, there are an abundance of talented Italian artisans in Le Marche who make and sell their goods with the same level of skill and style as we find from the big designers. We love to support our local community when shopping for home interiors and refurb materials for our clients, providing a unique touch to our customers’ homes and contributing to the local community at the same time.

Here are four of our favourite local Italian artisans, and the good news is that they ship their products worldwide!

Some Favourite Italian Artisans


italian artisans

Valeria’s lighting designs are beautiful

Valeria runs a lighting shop in one of Le Marche’s small towns. She has taken over the reigns since the business was founded by her grandparents in the 1950’s, although Nonna is still on hand to offer advice. The first time we visited the shop to source products for a client, Nonna told us to speak to ‘the boss’!

Valeria’s lights are all hand made, and display the skill and quality associated with any Italian designer label, and more affordable prices!



Italian artisans

Another of Valeria’s designs


italian artisans

Alessandro and Luca carve beautiful designs into Travertine stone

Alessandro and his brother, Luca are living proof that many talents of Italian artisans run through the blood. Together they create these wall hangings out of the local Travertine stone – a soft durable stone that many houses in the region are built with. The brothers meticulously hand carve iconic images of Marche landmarks into the stone and carefully paint them. These stone wall hangings come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from fridge magnets, to kitchen tiles, to larger decorative pieces sure to liven up the wall of any home. They ship worldwide and even make custom orders!



italy antiques

Marco lovingly restores beautiful antiques


One of the highlights of any trip to Le Marche is the amount of Antiques Markets the region holds. Loaded with hidden gems for the home, antiques are a great way to complement all kinds of interiors – even in contemporary homes one or two pieces enhance any scheme. Antiques in Italy cost a fraction of what they do elsewhere – even with shipping!

italian artisans

Marco hand makes these gorgeous photo frames

Our favourite Antique dealer & restorer, Marco, also makes these unique picture frames by hand. Carved out of wood, he adds tiny Italian flags to the frame (again, hand carved and painted) and supplies them to a local shop, where they sell out fast. We have asked Marco to provide us with a batch for our clients as they make great souvenirs, whether you’ve been to Le Marche or not![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Fabulous Flooring

italian artisans

Manuel creates custom flooring by hand

Our favourite flooring specialist is a skilled Italian artisan called Manuel, who creates wooden floor designs by hand. Any design we give him he brings to life. Manuel is passionate about what he does, and can tell us which type of wood is best to use in each home. He even ships his floors worldwide and has customers all over Italy and the wider world. When we watch Manuel at work, we can see why.





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